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My “Story” Story

I was the only one still in the office and probably the entire building. The night cleaning crew had already finished and left. The click of my mouse and nervous shifting in my weathered faux leather chair were the only sounds that interrupted the hum of the fluorescent lights. The rows of numbers in Excel fluttered on the monitor. I was at a loss for solutions and felt sick.

It was the usual fourth-quarter push to hit the annual budget. Despite a declining category and lower marketing budget, missing the stretch goals in the budget was not an option. I’d pulled it off before, more than once, but this time was different. We were behind on units, revenue, and operating income, and the more I dug into the numbers, the more it revealed an ominous future. For years, I could depend on launching innovative new products, trade promotions, PR, on-trend ingredients, Google ads, online coupons and social media to deliver the top line along with some creative spending cuts to ensure I always delivered the bottom line targets. It was different now. Nothing was working. Nothing was left to cut. It was hopeless.

I investigated every major marketing trend recommeneded by ther “gurus” in 2016. Social listening, video content, webinars, influencer marketing, sales funnels, social sharing promotions, and podcasts were just a few trends that I researched. For various reasons, none were a fit for my brands.

One day while scrolling for inspiration on Facebook, I came across an ad promoting the 5-Minute Makeover. It was a short series of 5-minute videos that promised to “clarify your message and grow your business.”  Desperate for any potential solution, I clicked and discovered StoryBrand by Donald Miller. I’d never heard of Donald Miller before, but his 5-Minute Makeover seemed on point. It immediately resonated with me, and I felt a glimmer of hope. I binged listened to his podcasts (I bet you don’t hear that every day) and read his blogs. I was convinced that a better brand story would sell more products. However, I was skeptical that the StoryBrand process and its primary history of success with service companies, would work for consumer brands. I set out to find the right story system for my brands.

I read books by Michael Hauge, Ray Edwards, Robert McKee, Mish Slade, Bernadette Jiwa and Jim Signorelli. I attended webinars with Russell Brunson and masterminds with Russell Ruffino. I listened to hours of podcasts from Park Howell and Donald Miller and attended courses from Neville Medhora, Dennis Yu, and Ryan Deiss. I spent hundreds of hours absorbing as much knowledge as possible from expert storytellers, copywriters, presenters, salespeople and content marketers until it was crystal clear. Brand stories were the key to converting more prospects into profitable customers for consumer focused companies, and I was ready to get started on my brands.

Unfortunately, my epiphany occurred a little too late. Corporate “synergies” were underway, and my position was eliminated. After a couple of days of whining that life wasn’t fair and crushing Blue Bunny pints straight from the container, I embraced that I have a rare opportunity to achieve a dream. I can use my new strategic brand story knowledge to help other consumer product companies with similar challenges as me. I spent several more months perfecting my brand story process customized for consumer product companies.

Today, Sales Spark Strategic Brand Stories uses proven, time-tested story structure and creative copywriting combined with two decades of consumer marketing experience to quickly deliver better near-term and long-term results for the top line AND the bottom line. No other marketing solution can do that! If you’ve read my story all the way to this sentence, you understand.

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Robert Goluba

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